Rural markets are quite different from urban markets. In both places, innovation sells. However, exposure to brands and marketing in the rural areas of India are poor compared to the urban cities. People in rural are not updated with the trends, lifestyle changes, technology and latest products.

In the recent years, there has been a growing increase in consumption of products of aggressively marketed brands. This observation paves the way for branded products to penetrate the market through relevant communication.

Our responsibility is to ensure the right strategy backed by solid insight has been applied and the target customer has been reached. Brands looking to grow their base in rural India can do so through one on one interaction to educate people about the brand and its products.

ZtoA encourages brand communication in these areas to better the standards of living so that everyone can enjoy the benefits that products and services have to offer. By understanding the rural market and their needs, wants and desires, we help brands create path-breaking campaigns to communicate in the language most comfortable to the respective audiences.

Here are a few of the services covered under the broad concept of Rural activation:

  • Van Campaigns
  • Influencer / Farmer Contact Programme
  • Haat Activations
  • Mela Participation
  • Mandi Activation